David Donaldson

Director, Client Solutions

Meet David Donaldson

With a passion for creating positive change in the workplace, David brings dynamism and a wealth of expertise.

Over his 25-year career in professional facilitation and consulting, David has provided insights to help some of the world’s most well-known organizations implement the necessary conditions for a fully engaged, innovative workforce. His specialties include: Learning and Development specifically adult education, Change Management, Project Management, Leadership and Organizational Development.

One of David’s strengths lies in spanning the gap between where organizations are, and where they need to be. A huge proponent of experiential learning and team building, he uses a wide variety of tools and strategies to generate a new kind of organizational thinking: one that leads businesses to seize emerging opportunities; achieve positive, profitable and sustainable change; and thrive in today’s volatile marketplace.

An enthusiastic and energetic speaker, David makes audience participation simple and fun, while infusing people with ideas and inspiration to make change happen. He is a facilitator, instructional designer, and consultant who supports organizations in improving performance and resilience enabling enterprise and individual transformations. He encourages strong personal resilience and agility enabling individuals and teams to navigate a VUCA environment, bringing business value through change.

In his role at Juice, David oversees the development and delivery of custom corporate training programs in employee engagement, innovation, conversation and leadership

And on a Juice-y note…

  • For many years David and his wife, Dolores, bred and trained horses; amazing animals with so much to teach us.
  • David is an avid glider pilot and flight instructor. His driving need to make a difference in the world has led him to take on the role of National Safety Officer, Soaring Association of Canada.
  • When not at work David can be found in the woodshop working on his next kayak or carving another paddle (he says he will get it just right, eventually).

Resilience, The Up Side of Down

"We are complex and adaptive beings, constantly growing and evolving." In his TedX Talk, David shares his personal story, how he treated small hassles as exercises, actively reframed his outlook and worked on growth to develop personal resilience and prevent his day from spiralling out of control.

“The insightful coaching David provided helped build and reinforce the mental scaffolding I needed to grow personally and professionally. Thank you for your dedication, authenticity and wisdom."