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“We’ve taken our people through all sorts of conversation training,” leaders tell us, “But they’re still not having the conversations.” Sound familiar? It’s not surprising. When stepping into tough conversations means reinventing yourself to be courageous or radical - only conflict-lovers will engage. But what if the price of admission is not being courageous, but simply human? What if it wasn’t only the tough conversations that mattered, but every conversation.

If you’re a leader in your organization, people will not leave your presence neutral. They’ll either leave more energized or more depleted. That’s why expanding your influence and unlocking people’s potential relies on simple yet powerful conversations. And, with technology continuing to subordinate conversations, it’s critical that you make the most of every one.

At the heart of every conversation is a successful operating system; one that powers the value-creating applications critical to unlocking your people’s potential - like coaching, feedback, problem-solving, innovation, customer service and sales (to name a few).


The Power of Conversation equips leaders with a simple operating system they can use for all the conversations that matter in their day - like coaching, giving feedback, career development – and yes, the difficult ones too.

Based on the book - Juice - The Power of Conversation - this interactive training program combines experiential learning with real-world application. Discover the skills you need to make every conversation matter at work and in your personal relationships.

Learn and practice, step-by-step, those conversations that really matter to you and your team. Unleash their potential and empower them as leaders. And energize your bottom line.

“Demonstrate that you care, that your employees matter. Transform them. Then watch them radiate that energy back, powering past your goals, electrifying the soul of your organization.” – Brady Wilson, Juice Inc. Founder

“The first thing you lose is executive function.” Hence, the dysfunction in chaotic workplaces. See the crackling energy and common sense of Brady Wilson’s TED Talk, where he analyzes your overtaxed brain, aka “a 3-pound blob of tofu.”

Let’s talk about The Power of Conversation training.

We’d love to explore how we can help you energize your workplace.

“ This wonderful book (Power of Conversation) has been used by me and my team many times. The concepts (have) become a natural way for me to have conversations, maintain team cohesion and release staff’s brilliance. ”

Get the Book: Juice — The Power of Conversation

In Juice: The Power of Conversation, you will discover:

  • How to develop the skills to step up to controversial and heated issues
  • Unique tools to create an environment where people share their best ideas
  • Powerful strategies to professionally discuss issues in a way that makes it safe for everyone to speak
  • Learn what matters most to employees, and get what you need from them. Understand juice and see results fast.

What is Juice?

Our team exists to help you energize work. Our inspiring keynotes, impactful training, and team development experiences will help you transform engagement, grow leadership capabilities and enable innovation.

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